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7578 SOUTHERN AVENUE at Germantown Rd


901-756-4469           Fax 901-756-4471

Thank you for this opportunity to give you an introduction to our company for your consideration in fulfilling your property management and rental service needs.

MTC MANAGEMENT INCORPORATED was formed in July of 1984, originally as a division of Germantown Realty, Inc. Our purpose then, and now, was to be able to offer personal property management services to smaller portfolio investors at the same competitive prices negotiated by the large volume investors.

Our motivating goal is to keep our investors as happy with their investments as we would be, if they were our own. In other words, we manage from the property Owner's point of view. We feel that we have been successful to date in achieving this goal as over 75% of our growth has been the direct result of referrals from our current clients. We offer the services of a company that has taken the time and money to become well organized and efficient, while growing as fast as we can effectively handle the task involved. Currently, we are responsible for the management and maintenance of over 750 units consisting of single family homes, apartments, duplexes, and condominiums located throughout Memphis and Shelby County, and North Mississippi. These properties represent over 200 individual owners, any one of which would be available as a reference to attest to our company's success in achieving for them their property management goals.

The sum of all we are is something that comes with time - the perspective to see that its not just what a company can offer, but what ones management needs require. Managing residential property is our ONLY job, and we are confident that we are flexible enough to customize our program and services to your management needs.

To help you get to know our company a little better, we have enclosed a list of our management services available to all clients, a sample of our month-end and year-end reports sent to all our clients, a copy of our standard residential lease agreement, and a copy of our management agreement for your review.

We would welcome an opportunity to further discuss our desire to begin a new professional property management relationship with you. At your convenience, please feel free to contact us by telephone: 901/756-4469; facsimile 901/756-4469; or E-mail: LANLORD945@AOL.COM: or just drop by our office and let our staff show you how we can manage your property. Thank-you!

CAROL COLE, Vice-President                                           Management That Cares